North Star Automotive Technology Can Help with Your Corvette's Performance

Road Way Steering in Mountain View, CA


There are many ways to enhance the performance of your engine within the guidelines of the state smog requirements, while ensuring your engine works the way it was made for. Let us show you how.

Suspension and Steering

Want to make your vehicle handle better and feel more stable when on the road? Let us help you configure a suspension that will increase performance as it takes the twists, turns, and bumps on the road.


By adding performance modifications to the braking system you can address harsh braking conditions due to hard driving. You can use carbon metallic and ceramic pads to strengthen your braking system to make it last longer and brake better under severe conditions.


Set your vehicle up for racing with everything from racing alignments, to braking modifications, to roll bars and 5-point harnesses, to engine, transmission and differential modifications.