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Welcome to North Star Automotive Technology / Corvettes by North Star

Numerous options are available to you. Customize your vehicle the way you have always wanted.


  • Borla Exhaust, Cat-Back Systems™, Headers, Rear Sections, Tips
  • Airflow research heads
  • Customized engine building
  • Customized brake components
  • Coustomized and racing alignments
  • Roll bars
  • Any diagnostics
  • On-board computer diagnostics and repair
  • Tires & Wheels
  • FREE shuttle service

We strive to exceed your expectations every visit. We pride ourselves in becoming personable with each customer and treating the car with the best care by performing only the repairs that are essential to return the vehicle and its owner back on the road safely.


190 Calderon Ave.

Mountain View, CA 94041

(corner of Calderon Ave. & Villa St.)

(easy access off Hyw 85)

Phone: 650-967-8388 (VETT)

FAX: 650-969-3157


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Air Flow Research Heads

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